Dreams are powerful

That’s the driving idea behind American Family Insurance’s DreamBank, a space in Madison, WI designed to help dreamers find inspiration, tools and support to bring their dreams to life.


Getting your dream pursuit off the ground is typically the hardest part of the journey. But like any flight, preparing for unexpected turbulence is just as important. Learn how you can launch your dreams with the help of our upcoming exhibit.

Flight Plan

Very few dream journeys are a direct flight to the final destination. Instead, most journeys require connecting flight with varying layovers – and can slow us down or stop progress all together. Factors like stress, time management, lack of resources, and procrastination are often the source of delays in our flight plans. Planning for some of these possible stops along your flight path can help you overcome challenges when they get in the way of pursuing your dream. Countdown to launch and use our flight plan as a helpful planning tool.

Stay the Course

Every dreamer faces challenges that must be overcome while on course towards their ultimate goal. You’re not alone—history is full of them. In celebration of Black History Month and Women’s History Month with changing graphic panels get inspired by some powerful dreamers who encountered obstacles and were still able to stay the course and achieve amazing things.

Test Launch

Taking the first step towards pursing your dream is much like that feeling of adrenaline you get when a plane takes off – one part tension, two parts excitement. After all, planning can only take you so far, at some point, you must board the plane and let the journey begin. You’ve taken the time to prepare – now it’s time for liftoff!

Mission Control

As your dreams take flight, the speed and direction of the journey is determined in the cockpit, with you at the helm of the controls. With a flight plan of the journey ahead of you, it’s important to keep your eyes on the horizon and your end destination in mind. The pilot’s control panel is used to identify and solve any challenges that may arise while in flight. Use the dials to understand how such challenges can be dealt with, whether that’s by changing the outcome, learning new lessons, or letting go of stress – critical skills every pilot needs when navigating their dream pursuit.

Don't live near Madison, WI?

Our community of dreamers extends far beyond our brick-and-mortar space. Wherever you live, you can always find inspiring stories, powerful advice and interactive workbooks to guide your dream journey here.

Upcoming Events

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October 18 2018, 10:00am - 11:00am

Family: Morning Play Date


While the kids enjoy interactive story time and crafts, grown-ups can explore our exhibit and enjoy...

October 18 2018, 6:15pm - 7:30pm

DREAM BIG: Building Your Dream Team with Megan Watt


Join Megan Watt of Dream Catalyst Labs as she explores the six key members of a Dream Team...

October 19 2018, 12:00pm - 12:45pm

FITNESS: Lunchtime Yoga


Start feeling happier and healthier with this relaxing, body-strengthening yoga session in...

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