Dreams are powerful

That’s the driving idea behind American Family Insurance’s DreamBank, a space in Madison, WI designed to help dreamers find inspiration, tools and support to bring their dreams to life.

Tiny Changes, Big Impact

Exhibit 14 | JULY - SEPT

Like any journey, a dream takes time, hard work and commitment. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. We can show you how to break that journey down into steps. Visit DreamBank’s current interactive exhibit to learn how small steps can make a big impact.

Find your inner critic

We all have an inner critic that pops up when we’re thinking about trying something new. If yours is causing self-doubt, don’t worry. You can learn to use it to your advantage. The first step is getting to know it (and even giving it a face).

Activity now available in The Dream Workbook

Plant the seed

Much like a seedling, your dream needs careful nurturing and attention in order to grow. In this activity, we’ll show you how potting a plant can be a great way to visualize your dream progress and stay inspired.

Take conscious steps

Explorers make great dreamers. By really taking in your surroundings, you can discover new ideas and inspirations in unlikely places. This activity will demonstrate how taking a walk can change your whole perspective.

Don't live near Madison, WI?

Our community of dreamers extends far beyond our brick-and-mortar space. Wherever you live, you can always find inspiring stories, powerful advice and interactive workbooks to guide your dream journey here.

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