Dreams are powerful

That’s the driving idea behind American Family Insurance’s DreamBank, a space in Madison, WI designed to help dreamers find inspiration, tools and support to bring their dreams to life.

Discover Your Best Self

Exhibit 13 | APRIL - JUNE

Every dream starts with a dreamer. So it’s only natural that the first step in pursuing your dream is to explore what makes YOU unique! Step into DreamBank’s newest exhibit to explore what makes you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled, and discover authentic ways to create a foundation upon which to build your dream.

Be empowered

The moments when you’re at your best – feeling happy, inspired and energized – can be clues that lead you toward your dream. By figuring out what brings out the best in you, you’ll have an easier time recreating situations where you shine!

Activity now available in The Dream Workbook

Get acquainted

To understand who you are as a dreamer, you have to get to know yourself. By thinking how you react to certain situations, the path to your dream can become much clearer.

Put it in writing

Reflecting on the experiences that have brought you joy will help you find direction in your dream journey. Putting these experiences down on paper will help keep you motivated when you run into obstacles along the way.

Don't live near Madison, WI?

Our community of dreamers extends far beyond our brick-and-mortar space. Wherever you live, you can always find inspiring stories, powerful advice and interactive workbooks to guide your dream journey here.

Upcoming Events

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July 8 2015, 11:30am - 1:00pm

CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Getting Your Resume & Cover Letter to the Top of the Pile


Struggling with your job search? You’re not alone! Megan Watt of Dream Catalyst Labs invites you to learn tried-and-true ways to jump to the top of the candidate pile and land an interview. Examine the concept of using your resume as a marketing tool and master sure fire ways to tailor it to a job description.

July 8 2015, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Summer Music Concert Series


Come enjoy local artists and free appetizers before heading to Concerts on the Square.

July 9 2015, 6:15pm - 7:15pm

DREAM BIG: Living Abundantly within Life’s Many Roles with Sara Alvarado


How many hats do you wear each day? By understanding the different roles we play in our lives, we can better learn how to blend them to ignite our pursuit of dreams.

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