Dreambank • Business Accelerator Series

Forget Social Media — Think Social Business with Bernie Borges

August 18 2016, 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Event Recap

Improve the way your business uses social media by watching this Business Accelerator video featuring social media guru Bernie Borges. Instead of focusing on likes, shares and retweets, Bernie will help you develop a social business mindset that’ll produce positive business outcomes. You’ll learn how to leverage social media to improve customer service and sales processes, attract and retain employees, and generate new ideas for products and services.

Want to focus on topics in our video that are most relevant to you? Here’s a high-level summary of what was covered (and when).

2:00 An overview of how engagement has evolved over time
4:55 Social businesses: what they are and what they aren’t
11:00 Examples of companies that understand the meaning of a social business
19:45 The pillars of a social business strategy
22:00 The “Ice Cream Sandwich” approach to creating a social business
28:45 How to leverage employees as social ambassadors
30:45 The role of the marketing department in a social business
34:40 An action plan for creating your own social business
38:30 Key takeaways

About the Presenter
As the founder and CEO of Find and Convert, Bernie Borges is a social media futurist and digital marketing thought leader who inspires businesses to transition from social media tactics to social business strategies.

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