3 Easy Ways to Use Facebook to Generate Leads

Generate interest, leads and ultimately sales

Generate interest, leads and ultimately sales

Facebook is more than just a platform to catch up with friends. It’s one of the most popular social media sites and a powerful tool for growing your customer base. Creating a profile is just scratching the surface. In order to maximize leads you’ll need to develop a strong social media strategy and create captivating content to drive new sales.

“Facebook is an easy and effective way for brands and companies to talk directly to their customers and receive instant feedback about products, campaigns and services,” explains Kimberly N. Wilson, social media editor at TheRoot.com. “It allows you to ‘humanize’ the brand and discreetly market the brand’s products.”

Creating quality content is the best way to grow your audience organically, but with the intense competition for attention on Facebook, Wilson suggests three easy tactics to generate more leads for your small business.

1. Run a contest or promotion on your page. This is a great way to target direct leads; a specific demographic with a customized message made specifically for them. Contests and promotions gets your audience actively engaged, gives them a personal stake in your business and it’s fun. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Reward the user with the best answer to a question, the most innovative solution to a problem, or the funniest photo with a certain theme. The key is to get them to make some sort of personal investment says Wilson. This is a good strategy for creating awareness around and/or launching a new product.

2. Install a newsletter sign-up or subscription form tab on your page. This is an effective way to generate indirect leads. You’re providing useful information to a potential customer without trying to sell to them. While a like, share, or comment shows the world that your posts are engaging; a more important metric for small businesses is getting a lead. Collecting contact information from current and/or potential customers by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter allows you to learn more about them and convert that lead into a sale. Share industry news, tips, trends, upcoming events, resources, and how-tos. Customers will come to trust and rely on you for updates, information, and need-to-know tidbits.

3. Create an ad campaign. Facebook ads are targeted based on location, demographics, and interest. While most online advertising reaches only 38 percent of its intended audience, Facebook’s average is 89 percent. Craft a message that’s specific to the customer you want to reach and let them know how your company can solve their problem(s). Ad performance is also easy to measure. You can monitor how your ad is performing, your return on investment and track conversions for high-level actions such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. “They’re easy to create and the cost per click-through is super competitive,” Wilson says.

The platform also gives your small business the opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility online and moves it up in Google’s search rankings, says Wilson. “You can advertise directly to your target demographic.”

Facebook has several advertising solutions and benefits to help you market to your target audience. The key is understanding which of these solutions works best for your business so that you can find new customers and increase sales. “Every business can take advantage of social media marketing in some form or fashion,” Wilson asserts. “Every platform has its strengths depending on the content and type of business using that platform.”

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