5 Steps to Discovering Your Passion

Start pursuing your dream by figuring out what you're passionate about.

Have you ever noticed the way people seem to light up when talking about something they’re passionate about? Their eyes sparkle. Their words overflow with possibility. And most noticeably, they radiate an infectious energy that leaves no doubt in your mind: They are living out their dreams to the fullest.

So what about those of us who haven’t found our passion? How do we go about discovering what our dreams are made of?

Pay attention.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Cliché? Yes. But true. Passions are pursuits that make us lose sense of time, so take note of the type of activities that make you feel so immersed and interested that you aren’t aware of the ticking clock.

Be childish.

What did you love to do when you were in grade school? Chances are your junior self was on to something when you drew silly comics, collected rocks or played make-believe on the playground. Studies show that the things we enjoyed when we were young are often directly tied to what we become passionate about as adults.


Don’t be shy. Survey friends, coworkers or loved ones: “What do you think my passion is?” While their answers may not be the grand epiphany you’re seeking, their outside perspectives will be valuable in helping you get there. Passions grow out of our most innate abilities and interests, and outside eyes can help us realize how unique our strengths truly are.

Work out.

Passion requires constant nurturing. Just as your body needs nourishment and exercise to stay strong, passion also needs to be cultivated and cared for. This might be as simple as reading a book, going to a class, bouncing ideas off a friend or joining an organization of people who share the same passion.

Trust your inner voice.

Pursuing one’s passion requires being comfortable with your authentic self. Work on letting go of your fears, and seek out people and places that make you feel like yourself. By surrounding yourself with these genuine environments, you’re in a better place to tune into your passion—and grow your dreams from its countless possibilities.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child

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