No Tradition Too Silly

How celebrating made-up holidays can help inspire your dreams

How celebrating made-up holidays can help inspire your dreams

By: Ashley Reynolds

Think about your favorite day of the year for a second. Is it Thanksgiving? Halloween? Your family’s annual reunion?

For most of us, our favorite days are associated with our most beloved traditions. No matter what your favorite tradition, odds are you look forward to it all year, anticipate the days counting down to it and even mourn the few days following it — it brings you and your family joy, inspiration and maybe even purpose!

That’s why inspirational dreamers, fighters of Adultitis and masters of creativity, Jason and Kim Kotecki, are here to vouch for the value of creating your own, unique family traditions — beyond the calendar specified holidays.

When it comes to pursuing our dreams, it’s important to break out of our routine and gain renewed inspiration. And what we do at home and with our families can play a huge role in our success!

Slime party
Jason & Kim’s kids having a slime party!

“In order to create an environment that fosters dreaming big, we need to break out of the ruts that can consume family life and be spontaneous!” says Kim.

And, as Jason puts it, “traditions are a wonderful marriage between the routine and the uncommon, serving as special moments that are comfortingly predictable.” So why not celebrate them more often?

“When kids see their parents having fun by engaging in silly traditions and creating made-up holidays, it gives them permission to do the same and sends the message that creativity is important,” Jason adds.

But, engaging in these made-up traditions are more than just beneficial for our children — they help us as grown-ups fight the perils of Adultitis!

“Too many adults only celebrate if the calendar gives them permission,” says Jason. “There is a fine line between a routine and a rut, and silly traditions can keep things fresh and contribute to our happiness.”

So, are you ready to create your own, unique tradition? The Koteckis have some advice on where to start.

“Turns out all you really need to start your own holiday is a little imagination. And the first step is to realize that you can!” says Jason.

Awesome! Now where to begin? Maybe start by mixing it up with your already established traditions.

“Look at the normal things you do each holiday and see if there is a way you can put a new spin on it,” Jason continues. “For example, one family I often talk about stopped trying to make Christmas cookies that would make Martha Stewart swoon and started making their cookies ugly on purpose. They ended up creating a tradition that has now been going for over twenty years.” Talk about a fun party-starter!

Remember, traditions can be as big or as small as you’d like. In fact, when just starting out with this creative endeavor, maybe it’s best to begin with one of Kim’s suggestions:

“Have dessert first every once in a while, have a ‘Barbarian Spaghetti’ dinner without plates or silverware. When it comes to making up your own tradition, maybe it’s just Mismatched Socks Day, Taco Tuesday or Slip ‘n Slide Sunday. There are a million different rut busters out there!” And so many unconventional ways to have fun!

Scram winter party
Jason & Kim threw a “Scram Winter” party last year – how fun!

No matter what you decide to do, making up your own holiday or tradition really comes down to creativity and choosing to do something that resonates with your family. There are no specific guidelines or rights vs. wrongs in this practice. Just remember to keep your dreams in mind along the way.

“Most dreams require us to do something that hasn’t been done before, at least by us. In order to do that, we have to bust through our own limitations and break a few rules that don’t exist. Realizing that the calendar is not the boss of you and creating your own silly traditions is good practice and helps remind us that anything is possible,” concludes Jason.

Now get out and celebrate life! You never know what silly tradition could inspire your next big dream.

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